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>> brent: third and nine in the first overtime period. >> kirk: thomas, 44 and murphy can pick their ears back and get pressure. >> brent: play action. downfield, incomplete and it's fourth down. it is fourth and nine for chip kelly. >> kirk: there was major confusion on that play. they are going to have to make a field goal here but i don't know if mariota and josh huff are on the same page. threw the ball to the outside, huff broke to the mid whdle whea safety was a miscommunication caught them on third and nine. >> brent: a 41-yard attempt. >> brent: off the upright, no
11:31 pm
good. and now, stanford needs just a field goal to send notre dame to number one and one of the s.e.c. teams to number two. >> kirk: a huge third down and oregon fans may be talking about for a while. play action fake. huff gives a shoulder fake here and goes here and marcus mariota throws the ball to the outside. >> brent: hewitt and taylor are the running backs for hogan. stepfan taylor. picks up a couple of yards before he's thrown back, second down. >> kirk: jordan williamson has nod had a great year, 12 of 21
11:32 pm
on the year but capable of making it from 48. >> brent: he hit the 48-yarder in south bend. >> kirk: david shaw trying to work this running game and try, especially on third down keep it near the middle of the field. >> brent: second down and eight. >> kirk: they got confusion here. >> brent: they finally get -- now the line judge will step in here. time-out called by shaw. >> referee: time-out stanford. >> kirk: hear some coaches say i ing -- >> brent: i want to go back to the headline of the night. the number one team has just lost, kansas state. was beaten by baylor. and oregon in danger of losing and if that happens, it will be notre dame jumping to number one
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in the rankings. maldonado had this field goal that hit the uprights. >> kirk: this what is makes the bcs so interesting is every region has something at stake. every region is watching right now because they are concerned about their own team. >> brent: you have to go back to 2007. play action. hogan. fumble! loose ball, battle for the football. the officials signaling that stanford may have recovered and it will be third down here. a great save by stanford. herbie -- >> kirk: 65, the linemen came in there, oregon jerseys all over the football here. look at the effort by 65. he gets in there and somehow gets the football. it bounced off michael clay.
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>> brent: trying to get jumbo on the field. >> kirk: this is where the run the ball and get it to the middle of the field and give your kicker williamson a chance to win it. >> brent: third down and eight. five seconds for the freshman quarterback. got it off. taylor. cuts back. stays on the left hash. short of the first down. and jordan williamson will trot out. >> kirk: maybe he likes the left hash. maybe he doesn't like the middle. >> brent: time-out called by chip kelly. >> referee: first and only time-out of the overtime period. >> brent: so, chip kelly well not even be able to freeze the
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kicker if he was thinking about it, using his time-out right now and jordan williamson, a sophomore from austin, texas, went to westwood high school in austin, will come on. see if he cannot only dump oregon out of the bcs championship picture but elevate the fighting irish to number one and put the southeastern conference very much back in the thick of things and wind up in miami. here we go. 37-yarder. from the left hash. long enough for sure. and good. stanford takes down oregon.
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number one and number two both lose. for the first time since 2007. and the cardinal celebrate. remarkable performance by these youngsters and i'm sure the oregon fans are absolutely shocked at what they have seen here tonight. >> kirk: i know the story nationally will about about oregon losing but a huge win for david shaw. >> heather: coach, what was your reaction when the kick by jordan williamson went through the uprights? >> i was just thinking to myself, jordan needs this. he's so talented and he makes 60-yard field goals daily. he keeps his head down and smooth, good good as kicker in the country, working on his consistency. he need this is. >> heather: andrew said we have
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a oregon problem. a team you struggled w how do you solve the oregon problem? >> first and foremost defense, coach mason had a great game plan, played extremely hard, quarterback young and still made some mistakes but played extremely hard. stepfan played hard, zach ertz and our offense making this happen. >> heather: how important is this win to this program? >> it's very important, we want to cy say we can beat anybody we play, no matter what they're ranked, what we're ranked, what everybody else says doesn't matter. when we play our best we can play with anybody in the country and we can get better, we can play better, cut down our turnovers this might not a close game. >> reporter: much different team than last week. how about the quarterback change? >> always confident, about how we play not who we play. we don't get blown up about who we play. we play extremely hard. our quarterback mobility, couple times tonight was huge. got to take care of the football
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so much better but a lot of confidence to play really well. >> heather: enjoy the win. >> brent: one of the plays of the year. this was tight end zach ertz, instant replay spent several minutes looking at this overand over and over again and they rule correctly that the right shoulder touched the ground while he had possession of the ball and that took it to overtime. and then it was jordan williamson. sliding one inside the left upright and now for the first time in the ap poll in over 300 weeks, the fighting irish of notre dame are going to move to number one and take dead aim at miami on january 7. but first things first, they will have to deal with usc next week in los angeles and now, stanford, which wrote a remarkable story here tonight, they take dead aim at the championship of the pac-12 south. >> kirk: i don't know where to begin.
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first, as far as chip kelly and oregon, tough loss for them at home, in autzen stadium, the story about david shaw and stanford. we talked, it's first time since 1926-'30, first straight years of winning eight games or more, remarkable way to build on that momentum. >> heather: joined by kevin hogan, this was your first-ever road start, just a freshman, how on earth did you come in here and pull out a win? >> we tried to play our style of football. tough environment. their fans go crazy for the team. oregon is a great team, their defense played well. we found a way to survive or mistakes in the end and pull it out. >> heather: how much was experience a factor? this is the third time you have gone into overtime this season. >> yeah, we knew what we had to do. we won overtime, lost the other close one. but we just knew get the ball in overtime our defense will make plays and offense, try and get a touchdown always but we trust jordan in the end.
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>> heather: what was the key for you keeping i don't remember composure when your backs were against the wall? zpr try not to force anything. make a stupid mistake, take what is given to me by the defense and trust in my players around me >> heather: congrats on the big win, kevin. >> brent: some final thoughts? >> kirk: looks like he took good notes from andrew luck last year, what great composure. class act. you talk about notre dame controlling their destiny to get to the championship. the s.e.c. region, alabama and georgia, the winner of that game now also in play to get to the national championship. so who would have thought when we woke up this morning that the world of college football would be upside down yet again. >> brent: that's why we love this game so much. once again, our final score, stanford wins an instant classic. 17-14 in overtime. next week on saturday night
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football, on abc, notre dame travels to los angeles to take on usc at 8:00 p.m. eastern for a shot at a bcs championship. thanks for watching saturday night football. so long, let's go to robert flores. >> all right. inside our college football studios, ford wrap-up and with the bcs chaos notre dame poised to be number one for the first time since 1992 when our own lou holds was the head coach. all part of the chaos tonight. number one kansas state going down in waco tonight. second quarter, baylor jumping out to a 21-7 lead. nick florence to williams, 22-yard touchdown. and oregon transfer, 185 yards for the bears, this one an 80-yard jaunt and baylor goes on to win 52-24. baylor beats a number one team
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for the first time in school history. also baylor, first time with a losing record to beat a bcs number one in history. and once again, notre dame poised to take over the number one spot. they beat wake forest today at senior day in south bend. everett golson career-high 346 yards. passing. this touchdown to goodman. and notre dame gets the win, 38-0. as they shut out the demon deac deacons. alabama suddenly back into the title mix, they step outside of con trens to beat western care lie nashgs remember the tide coming off a loss to a&m last week. mccarron to jones, alabama wins 49-0. s.e.c. scores, florida, also stepping outside of conference play, they blank jacksonville state and georgia dole same thing, beat jourg southern. this evening's developments good
11:43 pm
for fans in athens. texas a&m's johnny manziel maybe now the heisman front runner and collin klein and kansas state goes down. manziel and aggies shut out fcs member sam hewitten member. fourth game this season for manziel with at least e touchdown passes and at least two rushing touchdowns. aggies roll. ucla snapping a five-game losing streak to usc dpa in l.a. jonathan franklin, 29-yard touchdown. bruins go on to win 38-28. afterwards trojan a.d. pat hayden saying lane kiffin will definitely be back as head coach. we'll be back next week. see you then. alright, if you're thinkin about gettin' a new truck, you're probably thinkin' torque to go with it... wele 'cuz unless you'r usin' your truck to deliver pizza's ... you ain't gettin' anything done without it. torque is power. it pulls trailers.
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>> a robbery that started in morgan came to a deadly and near the metro station. >> several people are behind bars, one man is dead, and the victim but's family is left with only memories. richard reeve spoke with the brother a few moments ago. >> that is right, he is in shock. his entire family is in shock. brother was ais much loved figure in the community, just got a job at nih. he bought a new coat to celebrate, but sadly that may have played a role in his death. i say is trying to deal with the his younger brother, elisha. >> it is horrible, he loved everybody. just 18 years old, was first robbed of his smart
11:49 pm
coat, then fatally teenager atnother of the with lee metro station. >> how could you take such a l man's life like that? >> the police say the initial between griffin and a northwest in in adams morgan. after the robbery, it is not if the weapon was involved, griffin and a friend, woodleyase, walk to the metro, where they encounter the same group. them a second altercation between the decedent subjects. >> griffin was stabbed in the abdomen and pronounced dead at the hospital. chase with a broken nose and injuries is recovering after seeing his dying friend on .he ground thepolice sealed off station and captured nine suspects, but the core of the
11:50 pm
attack had shaken these young people. >> he was a young kid. was brilliant, with so much potential. so hard to believe that he is gone. >> griffin had been hoping to montgomery college. he graduated from sure what an honor student, future.right now eight of the teenage assault or robbery charges. and i suspect, 17 years old, faces murder charges, -- a ninth suspect, 17 years old, faces charges. neighborhood is in mourning. richard reeve, abc 7 news. shocking photos tonight of a suspect who he held up and him to withdraw money from an atm while the victim's daughter stood it happened thursday night in poolesville, maryland. suspect is holding a gun to man's back. in another photo, the little
11:51 pm
walking around outside of the atm. the police are asking for help information.ith >> a rough afternoon in prince george's county. a car drove through the front springs 7-is camp eleven. nobody was hurt according to the fire department. building is investigated for problems. n israel, the fighting rages on. he israeli military and hamas gunfire along the gaza strip. barack obama told reporters that israel has a itself against attacks. gaza, it reckless stream is an exchange bombings and rapid-fire.
11:52 pm
several targets were reduced to rubble. had to do this because the terrorists in gaza have been shooting rockets that are people, and they have been this for months if not longer. tel-aviv, sirens sounded and residents ran for cover. >> i will not let it interrupt my way of life. >> both israelis and palestinians have been killed in conflict. in gaza, the icu unit of the hospital is full. what efforts to broker a cease- continue, there was an cairo, withssion in callcondemning what they israeli aggression. >> there will be no peace, no security as long as occupation continues. >> president obama departed
11:53 pm
saturday for a trip to asia. he has been in touch with region, but the has backed israel as troops massing along the gaza border. the developments are fuelling of a drawn-out conflict. the israeli army has been to call up reservists, and the white house says israel has a right to attacks,self against blaming hamas for starting the conflict. >> new information in the deadly train crash in texas that killed four veterans. federal investigators say the of thethe morning train were activated the flowonds before crossed the tracks. the ntsb said the train started sounding its war 9 seconds float and thethe engineer used is emergency brake 5 seconds before the crash. dozens of local children who would not otherwise get a
11:54 pm
dinner this year had an amazing meal. father and listed his own kids to help? >> he did, a great way for his meaninglearn the true of thanksgiving. is the second year he has .rganized this festival need and he responded. it may be early for thanksgiving dinner, but never too early to on a kid's face. some of the children said this meal is very special. >> i live with my mom. i don't know where my dad is at. most of the time i would eat in my room. have a lot of family gatherings. >> by the time the evening is over, more than 100 children are to break bread t this community dinner. year that haved organized this. he saw a need in this northeast d.c. community. so many kids did not have
11:55 pm
families, so many did not have parents. lot of the kids' parents are incarcerated. see them goo the holiday without a meal. >> he began cooking thursday, dressing, macaroni and cheese, kdd yams, collard greens. call on facebook and a volunteers jumped at the chance to help. i saw a joy, think all this, and appreciation. that, if we all out and help one child, this world would be a better place. as the word spreads, they are they can do it next thanksgiving and they may need a larger venue. >> thank you, and a lot of people in silver spring getting the holiday spirit. out for therned montgomery county thanksgiving parade. news channel 8 meteorologist graaff emceed the
11:56 pm
event. it, watch it thanksgiving day on news channel 8. in the beautiful scene va., the walk of life is the meadow lark botanical gardens. catch the special holiday event through january 6. >> the holiday lights may warm heart, but it is cold. expect sunday. has a first look. >> the forecast is a lot like sunshine, more afternoon, but the temperatures on par for saturday. now, the satellite radar, have some high clouds that in from the south, really not amounting to a lot the overnight hours. anything, it will keep the dropping as from as they did earlier this morning. 34-40 in the morning, the sun rise at 6:54. coming up, a look at the
11:57 pm
forecast through the busy travel week and beyond. >> something we should know about. thank you. w information in the oil rig coast of louisiana. what they discovered hours after the search was called off. >> hot lanes have only been an open one
11:58 pm
>> new information in the the oil rig fire in the gulf of mexico. divers recovered a body near the platform that had not yet been identified. this came hours after the coast guard called off a search for that went missing after the fire broke out yesterday. for workers suffered serious burns. >> a rough start on opening day lanes, high lanes on thel beltway. in onenagers were hurt on the 14-cidents stretch of the expressways.
11:59 pm
some drivers say they are on how these lainez work. is the cost of an average trip will cost between $3.60 dollars depending on ez-fic and you must have an pass because there are no tollbooths. of thean we expect more same whether tomorrow? but this thanksgiving look like?

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